Friday, 1 June 2012

Gearing up for The Wool Experience

The Wool Experience 2012 is fast approaching. 
As I type, there are just over 5 weeks to go.
We have some very exciting exhibitors booked again for this year. 
To see a full list of them, please take a look at The Black Sheep Spinners' brand new website, here!

If there is any information that we haven't included, or anything else you want to know about the event, please drop the Black Sheep team an email through the website. We'd love to hear from you.

Newspaper Yarn transformed

You may remember me posting about the newspaper yarn I spun a few months ago.


Chia-Shan Lee, the incredibly talented young lady that commissioned the spinning, has kindly given me permission to use her photographs to show you all what she made. The pictures above are just part of her "Neverending Story" exhibition. The items were knitted and crocheted from newspaper, and newspaper held with a strand of wool.

More photos, including some of the dresses being modelled, are featured on her own website  - do take a closer look at her work!

I'm really impressed by the way Sandy has used this yarn. Having knitted some samples myself, I can appreciate that it's not always the easiest material to work with so can see just how much work it must have taken. I've a feeling that this girl is going to be very successful in the future.

Below is a closeup version of the mobius dress photo, which is possibly my favourite item in the collection.